A Letter From the Future Me to the Present Me:

Dear me;
I salute you there. I hope life is treating you with enchanting experiences. I am currently doing very well and still hoping to achieve even higher levels. I hope you getting along well with your studies and you are employing the necessary effort to be able to achieve your aspirations. I really hope your targets in life are very clear by now and that you have purposed to major in the areas of your interest. I don’t know whether you have settled to become a reporter or a language teacher major. Am writing to informing you of the far I have come ever since I left college. I have been able to go through various experiences as a reporter.
My job has been very demanding in my pursuit of finding the right kind of news to report in our media but yet again, it has opened a door for further establishing of the long lived dream of become an author of various books and articles which appear on our dailies. After I decided to follow the route of becoming a reporter which was influenced by my interest in knowing various issues as they emerge .After working for a long period in the industry I have to have been able to gain a lot of command in the mastering of written language and the various forms of styles that one could use in order to have the right message driven home. I now realize of the importance of the decision you’ve made of becoming a reporter instead of a teacher. Of course this is the kind of job you are looking forward into having. You want a career where you would be able to visit places and be able to learn various cultures of different people. I must confess that this job has given me the satisfaction I needed and the kind of exposure you are looking forward into having.
All these success have been attributed to the tireless work you have embarked on of writing materials including essays, reports, research papers, thesis paper among many others. My covering of stories in the media has been helped in the becoming more efficient in covering of the stories. Am writing to describe to you of how my job has progressed so well so that am currently covering stories even from the global scenes. The current job you have undertaken to take have made me become very conversant with different places and as well as the various cultures of people and their stories. From the writing jobs you are pursuing have made my world open up as I have grown from one level of knowledge to even a better states. I recall the various topics you are covering while doing the writing job that I have been able to cover in my line of duty as a reporter. Am very much pleased to attribute my easy time covering the news with special regards to those issues you are now covering.
I have also seen my various book publications become very influential to the readers due to the rich diversity of the various issues covered through the experience of the writing job you are doing right now. How I wish that I could have discovered the amazing writing job from my earlier days in college because I could have explored on more issues. I have also been called I various forums where there are national debates on national issues. I have to confess that, the rich background of the information I have on diverse issues has worked to see me become very influential in these debates and as a result making make taking the role of a moderator of various forums. What others could have seen as a waste of time and energy has now changed to make me earn much more from the different role s that I can play in covering diverse issues.
I would have told you much more, but my point is home that, the writing job will help you greatly in the future. Take your chances wisely and have the zeal to write more and more about everything presented to you. All the best.
From future me

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