A review of the pros and cons of multiculturalism

Your literature review should be on a topic which relates to one of these FOUR domains: identity, otherisation, representation and cross-cultural management. Holliday, Hyde and Kullman (2010, p. xxi) define identity, otherisation and representation as follows: Identity deals with the way in which we all bring with us our own discourses and feelings of culture and negotiate these in communication. Identity could include cultural adaptation, cultural diversity, language and globalisation. Othering deals with a major hindrance to communication in the way in which we over-generalise, stereotype and reduce the people we communicate with to something different or less than they are. If you are interested in otherisation, you might choose a topic related to stereotyping, prejudice, bias and discrimination, cultural conflict, intercultural communication barriers, perceptual differences, or colonisation or decolonisation or ethnic minorities living within larger cultural groupings. Identity could include globalisation or cultural adaptation. Representation looks at the way in which culture is communicated in society, through the media, professional discourses and everyday language. It focuses on how we need critically to recognise and address the ways in which these representations influence our perceptions if we are to communicate effectively. Cultural management refers to leadership across cultures, global citizenship, cross-cultural communication skills and competence.Literature ReviewYour literature review should be an assessment of the relevant books, articles, research reports etc. in the area and should build a picture of what all these materials show about the area you have chosen. You should be questioning the material you find to see what it reveals. At the end of the review you should list all of the references you have mentioned in the review, using the APA format.You may well feel that it is impossible to cover the material completely in your review and if you decide to be selective, e.g. to restrict yourself to material available from the library or to material published after 2000, you should make it quite clear that you have decided to limit yourself in this way.What to do to make a success of this assignment?1. Choose your topic and decide on the question you wish the material to answer for you. Choose one of the four areas: identity, otherisation, representation and cross-cultural management. Focus on a specific topic within your chosen area. If you have difficulties finding your own research question, you are more than welcome to discuss it with me.2. Write an introduction to your review which explains your approach to the topic and the question you will be examining in the light of the literature.3. Every point/idea made in the review should be linked to a reference. For example: Li and Campbell (2009) found that five factors contributed to Asian international students’ difficulties making friends with Kiwi students. These five factors are …4. You may wish to organise your review into separate headings — for example in the first example above, you might deal with language, culture, personality, motivation, and environment as separate sections.5. You need to use the points demonstrated by your references to summarise what the answer to your question seems to be from what the material has shown you.6. There should be at least 30 citations listed in the list of references at the end of your review.

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