A Study of the Effectiveness of Sex Appeal Advertising in young adults in The United Kingdom and Hong Kong, China

***The location of this dissertation is based on United Kingdom******Please read the Dissertation proposal, the outline of this dissertation has already set up******Questionnaire form is provided******Please read the module handbook and follow the dissertation layout******Please don\’t hesitate to enquire if you have any questions***Aim:Sex Appeal and high nudity adverts have been widely used by media (billboards, online) in many countries. The aim of this research is to understand how Chinese and Western young consumers (aged 20 – 34) are likely to have different evaluations and responses toward sex appeal tactics (Hamilton, 1998) and find out the effectiveness of adverts which use sex appeal to increase marketing attractiveness of young adults in UK and China. The target product which involve sex appeal in ads will be perfume. High to low nudity perfume advertisements will be given to the audience in the questionnaire section.Objectives:-To examine the attitude of UK and Hong Kong young consumers towards sex appeal ads-To critically compare the cultural dimension between the target audience-To compare the effectiveness of sex appeal adverts in UK and Hong Kong by using AIDA model-To measure the ethical concern of sex ads-To critically discuss the changes of sex appeals ads in recent years

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