Access to Care in the Saudi Healthcare System: A Systematic Review of the Litrarure.

1. I need a Vancouver style for my research paper.2. Please check my progress so far in the attachment (Systematic Review Progress with 75 articles). Feel free to discuss with me for clarifications or added value from your side.3. I have to work simultaneously with my research supervisor in the University, and to be in sync with him, meaning every step we finish, we need his approval before proceeding. For example, after the full-text scanning and resulting the extracted articles, and before we jump to synthesizing the result, I have to submit these results to him with the reason for exclusion (in a table) so he can give us the green light to proceed, then we will follow his instructions for the synthesizing stage.1. So can you be patient with me for this matter2. My next steps are than I need from you :(a) Final full-text screening (Extracted Studies for Systematic Review): which for the articles I screened before by title & abstracts. They are around 75 articles in the attached file (Systematic Review Progress). & already downloaded 90% their full text. please download the PDF\’s of most of them from the following link: supervisor suggested to do a final exclusion for them based on the following criteria: Wrong indication, Wrong intervention, Wrong outcomes, Wrong patient population, Wrong route of administration, Wrong setting, Wrong study design, Not a valid tool, not a Quantitative Study, Not enough sample size (less than 250), Not answering the research questions, and Additional Exclusion Criteria, eg. Editorials, reports, reviews.*this process should be in a clear table as I wrote in the attached file (Systematic Review Progress with 75 articles).(b) Synthesizing the results : I need to consider answering my research questions in your mind to explain the overall status of Access to Care, and try to acknowledge following:1. Different types of access to care in Saudi Arabia such as: access to medications, access to information, and access to physicians…etc.2. Different type of barriers: Geographical, educations, cost & lack of resources, social, religion, transportations, nationalities …etc.3. Different kind of interventions done by the Saudi government to overcome these obstacles.*(It’s advisable to categorize the extracted articles based of these differences and display them in a clear table)3. In Final full-text screening step, it’s recommended to finish the extracted articles with reason for exclusion ASAP with, because this is what will control our start time so my supervisor can give us the green light to proceed.4. In the synthesizing & writing step, my supervisor asked me to target an article (in attachments) with the title: Impact of pay for performance on inequalities in health care: systematic review. He wanted me use it as a standard for my style of synthesizing and writings.5. In addition to above, please consider in your article writing the criteria we use for evaluating and marking in our university, which will be in the attachment titled (Marking Criteria for Student project 2013-2014)6. Number of sources/references: I will allow your writer to use as many as he needs.7. If the writers believes there is a need to add valuable articles and citations, especially for Abstract & Introduction, please feel free to do and change accordingly what’s required in the method sections.8. Some of the above instructions can be modified slightly in the future, thus I need to work step by step with the writers & my supervisor.9. Expect a back & forth feedbacks & communications.10. 4 attachemnets are addedd, including this instructions.11. Please! I’m open for suggestions from the company writers for any added value. But in the same time update me for any further steps to consult it with my supervisor.Good luck

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