ADA Compliance Research Paper

This is a formal writing assignment. It requires a cover page, an outline, development of your outline in the form of a report, and your references. The report is to be single spaced. The entire assignment will use margins not greater than one inch. You will use correct grammar and punctuation, and you will paragraph correctly. Please do not use incomplete sentences or vernacular language. Please have another student, your significant other, another instructor, or send me a draft of your paper so that your paper will score a higher grade. I will be happy to make corrections or suggest changes.This segment satisfies an important course requirement and counts 25% of your grade. You will build an ADA compliance report.You will research Federal and State \”Americans with Disabilities Act\” (ADA) standards. For purposes of this assignment, I am assuming that each student resides in the State of Texas as Texas statutes are accessible via the web. Federal statutes are also available on line.Scenario: A business in Texas is remodeling its facility which is a 25,000 square foot, one-story building. You can view the exterior of any building accessible to the public to use as an example. Assume the building has its own 50-space parking lot adjacent to the building. The owners of the building wish to revitalize the exterior of the building, the grounds, and the parking lot. Your job for this report is to investigate state and federal ADA standards and report to the architect just what is required by Federal and State ADA standards. You are working on ONLY the EXTERIOR of the building and the parking lot. .This will be a formal, written presentation. Please use an appropriate text for format and style. I suggest Technical Communication, Eleventh Edition, by John M. Lannon. It is an excellent technical writing reference to have in your library. You may use any other writing reference already in your personal library if you prefer.Need a cover page and an outline in a form of a report

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