Admission Essay

Admission Essay

Since I was born, I always desired to become an artist, actor, or a designer. While growing up, I have developed a deep interest in digital and photographic art. I was primarily attracted and captured by pictures taken by artists whose images enhanced a relaxation mood with such a bright and intelligent style. It propelled me to see how artists inspired the society through music, television , and magazines through creativity and determination. With this, I always work hard to accomplish my goals in the future, which are to become an artist, actor, or a designer. At school, I enjoy all my subjects especially media studies that gives me an opportunity to focus more on digital media programming.

I was born and grew up in California. I must admit that my family has been very supportive in the sense that my father who is a business man and my mother who is a housewife have inspired me to achieve my goals regardless any obstacle that might come my way. With this, I have grown up with a lot of confidence knowing that I have what it takes to achieve my goals. We are two in our family, my brother and I. As a family, we encourage each other to dream big and work hard towards accomplishing those dreams. I am grateful being brought up in a loving and stable family, and I have benefited a lot from this. Having such a family support has shaped me into being a social and friendly student. I have also realized that education is crucial and an ongoing process to achieve career goals.

In the realm of the digital media program, I have an experience in editing commercial for school, editing plenty of video for classes and teachers, editing video for boarding students, and I am familiar with almost every kind of video elements.  These experiences have solidified and reinforced my deep interest in digital media program. With this, I am confident that I have what it takes to pursue the digital media program.

To achieve my career goals, I believe that education will create a strong path to be competent in the 21st century that evolves technology. I am fully aware that for one to be competent in the field of digital media programming, one has to be equipped with knowledge that evolves technology. This is what attracts me to pursue the course of the digital media program in that, I believe I have what it takes to be competent and transform this sector. I have developed a superb interest in programming, designing, and video-editing.  I spend most of my free time improving my art skills and socializing with others.

With my talents in mind such as playing piano, singing, and acting, I believe that I will be creative enough to transform the industry of digital media programming. This is because; the field requires one to have superb creativity, originality, and determination in media programming. I wish to succeed in my future, and I hope that I will be a competent individual who is ready to transform the sector of digital media programming.  With this in mind, I will be grateful to pursue and further my studies in a recognized institution, which will improve my skills and abilities.



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