Admission Essay

Admission Essay

I must admit that my previous academic as well as professional engagements have created great insights in business and in actuarial sciences. With this, I have realized that for one to have a fulfilling and vigorous life, engaging in extra-curricular activities is important. I am currently participating in various club events such as employer presentations and mentorship meetings. This has been a great opportunity to share and discuss actuarial insights with other members of the club. I am also a member of the National Society of Collegiate Scholars at Madison, WI. The benefits of such extra curricular activities are immeasurable and most importantly they enhance a personal development.

With a high aspect of globalization in the 21st century, the management expertise and leadership skills are crucial in making a company flourish. The growing demand for administration services in the 21st century motivates my application for a Bachelor of business administration degree. I am fully convinced that the professional connections that one achieves while pursuing this degree can help one to be a competent individual in the field of business administration. I am also persuaded that the lessons I have learnt from my professional experiences have equipped and prepared me for the challenges that the program will present, and therefore look forward to gaining essential skills that enhance success in business administration practices.

From March 2011 to July 2012, I was a cell phone technician whereby I fixed cell phones with issues such as software malfunction, liquid damage, LCD, and flex. Still, I fixed variety cell phones with software and hardware problems. From 2009 to 2011, I was a cashier and a sales assistant whereby I processed customer transactions and offered product information, sales, and services. These experiences created a strong ground to understand how respond to various problems that emerge in the business field. I had a chance to administer the best administration that transformed my working experience. I was exposed to various courses in business arena all, which solidified and reinforced my deep interest in business administration.

With time, I came to cherish and learn business administration and it is precisely this determination and interest that has fueled my desires and efforts to seek and achieve academic distinctions in Wisconsin-Madison University. For students who understand where they are headed in terms of career, Wisconsin is the best place to start. The university has a strong and solid foundation of business principles. With this, Wisconsin is the best choice for me since it provides graduates with a portfolio of experiences, skills, and adequate knowledge that contribute to the successful running of the organizations. Wisconsin is the best place to study in that it will provide me with real opportunities to deter and solve problems encountered by businesses today.  I expect and believe that being part of the Wisconsin-Madison University will provide me with adequate knowledge, confidence, and intellectual rigor to solve real world and complex problems faced by businesses while also supporting business function and management of the organization.

Specifically, I intend to apply my skills and abilities to transform the Wisconsin BBA. I will work hard to achieve my career goals, which in turn will strengthen and improve the overall quality of the Wisconsin BBA. I possess strong leadership skills, which I intend to utilize in transforming the Wisconsin BBA. Having been an active student in sport, I intend to use these skills in engaging in to student clubs and organizations to put Wisconsin MBA in front.


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