Adolf Hitler’s Regime and Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

Adolf Hitler’s Regime and Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

Adolf Hitler’s Regime

Adolf Hitler was born in April 20th 1889 and passed away in April 30th 1945 at the age of fifty six years; he was a German Politian born in Austria and was the Nazi Party leader. Hitler in 1933-1945 was the chancellor of Germany. He was considered a Nazi Germany dictator from 1934-1945. At Holocaust and the world II in Europe, Nazi took a central position at the Nazi Germany.

Rise to power of Hitler started after the World War I; he was a veteran who was decorated. He became part of the German Worker’s Party in 1919, and subsequently in 1921 he led NSDAP. Surveys indicated that Hitler organized Beer Hall Putsch coup attempt in 1923, although it failed leading him to imprisonment. Hitler got released in 1924 and gained instant popularity among his followers after he constantly attacked Treaty of Versailles. Hitler promoted anti-Semitism, Pan-Germanism, Nazi propaganda and anti-communism.

Hitler in 1933 after he rose to power as the chancellor, he converted Weimar Republic into a one party dictatorship model under the Third Reich. His leadership was based on autocratic and totalitarian Nazism ideology. Hitler was focused on initiating Nazi hegemony, which a new order considered as expansionist policies in continental Europe. Domestic and foreign policies aimed at ‘lebensraum’ that supported ‘living space’ for the Germans. Germans were rearmed and in September 1939, attacked Poland assisted by Wehmacht. The attacks in Europe led to the World War II. In 1941, European and German forces had taken over most of the North Africa and Europe. Germany in 1943 faced defensive war resulting to escalating defeats. In 1945, in the battle of Berlin, Hitler married Eva Braun and the two were found dead after they committed suicide. Hitler feared that he could be captured by the Red army.

Japanese Attack on Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor attack by the imperial Japanese Navy was a military strike that United States. It happened on December 7th 1941 during the morning hours. The naval base at the center of the attacks was situated at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Pearl Harbor attacks led to entry into World War II by the United States as it pursued the aggressors.

Sources stated that Pearl Harbor attacks were carried out to act as a preventative action in keeping away United States Pacific Fleet from meddling with the Empire of Japan’s military actions. Japan is part of the Southeast Asia and was against United States, United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Japan led similar attacks in nations under the United States and United Kingdom military identifying with British Empire of Malaya, Philippines, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Pearl Harbor attacks led to the killing to two thousand four hundred and two American people with more than one thousand people facing injuries. America retaliated causing the destruction of Japanese aircrafts and submarines, a number of Japanese servicemen were killed while others injured. One of the service men was captured alive. The attacks led to the United States being actively involved in the World War II both at the European and Pacific Theaters. United States declared war against Japan on December 8th 1941. Pearl Harbor led to the disappearance of the non-interventionism support that occurred locally. Neutrality Patrol that was supported by the United Kingdom was reorganized to form active alliance. The operations of the United States against Japan led to Italy and Germany declaring war against United States in December 11th 1941, and United Stated declared war against Germany and Italy on 12th December 1941. Franklin Roosevelt the president of the United States asserted that December 7th 1941 was a day of infamy.

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