Advising Parents on Long Term Care Options

Advising Parents on Long Term Care Options*- In this assignment you will address the attached hypothetical scenario that involves assumptions about Mary and Don, including: extent of disability, living situation, financial situation, service preferences, and specific questions presented to you in terms of their concerns and issues. This assignment may require you to make some assumptions about their situation in order to completely respond to the scenario.*-You will be expected to integrate the concepts and information to present a thorough and cogent explanation of (1) the long term care options appropriate to their circumstances and preferences, (2) the implications of each option for their longer term financial security and social quality of life, and (3) a specific set of recommendations on what they should do.The specific case scenario involving Mary and Don is found on pages 36 and 37 of your McSweeney-Feldand Oetjen text book. The specific questions you must respond to in your analysis of the scenario are found on page 37 of the text book.*-*- Effectively use research resources, develop your effectiveness in applying long term care concepts, programs, and services to a real life situation for millions of Americans – providing practical and evidence based advice to individuals regarding their options for addressing their long term care needs.The response should not exceed six pages double spaced, excluding title page and references. All type must be Times Roman 12 point pica.

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