Alzheimer’s disease


Alzheimer is a disease that affects the brain and leads to impairment of one’s memory. Other constituents of the disease are that there is also impairment in organization of thoughts, which makes it hard to victims of this disease to communicate, as well as distortion of vision. Both impairments are worse enough to cause or reduce the level of functioning of a patient diagnosed by the disease. The impairments caused by the disease are similar to the ones caused by aging, but the difference is that for impairment caused by aging, it is not bad enough to affect someone’s functioning. Alzheimer’s is caused by having an increase in production of beta-amyloid protein in the victim’s brain and the death of nerve cells within the brain. The risk of being affected by this disease increases when someone approaches the age of seventy years, and at eighty-five years, about 50% of the people are affected (Crystal, 1996).

With time, Alzheimer’s disease causes the rise of Dementia disease. Dementia is a disease that is mainly characterized with having severe memory loses that lead to one having dysfunctions, both socially and occupationally. This disease affects about 1% of adults at the age of sixty years and risk of getting it doubles every five years after hitting sixty years. The risk that is associated with Dementia is that it is likely to cause death among the victims. Other causes of Alzheimer’s are someone having HIV infections, injury in the brain, strokes, and brain tumors to mention but a few. Alzheimer’s causes the patients’ to be forgetful of important things of their lives including activities making them unable to carry their daily activities especially when the disease is in it severe face.

Though a lot research has been done to determine the cause of Alzheimer disease, no much success has been achieved. However, to some extent the disease can be attributed to be caused by the history of the family. In other words, generic factor are a known cause of this disease. Though as previously described, the disease affects people with an age of 60 years and above, there are special causes where some victims get this decease with an age much lower than this. In their 40s and 50s, some people contract this disease; in account, this is about 2% to 5% of the people who are diagnosed by this disease. The instances when the disease occurs at an earlier age than sixty years is called early-onset while if it happens in late years like 85 years it is referred to as late-offset. In record, about half of the victims diagnosed with the disease have got it from genetic mutation through birth. In addition, about another half of children born from a family which has been associated with the disease runs the risk of being born with the disease. Genetic also has something to do with those people who contract Alzheimer at a much later stage in their lives. Chromosome 19 forms part of the gene that is associated with patients who contract this disease at a later date. However, it is notable that of the many cases of Alzheimer reported, most of them were not related to a certain specific gene (Perry, 2006).

Other factors that causes the occurrence of this disease is the lifestyle one engages him/herself in. Having a nutritious diet can play a very good part in keeping one’s health at a high level that minimizes the risk of contracting the disease. Another way of minimizing the instances of contracting the disease is having enough physical activity in your daily activities. Making sure that someone’s body is physically fit means that there is a minimal chance of contracting the disease, as the body as well as the brain is kept active through the day. Finally, pursuit of mental stimulation is also another way of ensuring there are minimal risks of the disease catching up with them. Ensuring that the brain activity is always active means that the brain will form a trend of minimizing inactivity in the brain in future, hence lesser chances of contraction the disease (Crystal, 1996).

Forgetting the recently learnt information accounts to the biggest symptom that someone can relate to when determining whether someone has contracted the disease. To reduce the risk of contracting the disease, there are several things that can be done to ensure they are minimal. Among them is ensuring that at one given time one takes a balanced diet in all meals. A balanced diet ensures someone stays healthy and that necessary nutrients needed in the body are available. Engaging in physical exercises in another one of the actions that elderly people can take to ensure a reduced chance of contracting the disease, as keeping the body active is important in improving someone’s health or maintaining the health of the body. Early medication to Alzheimer’s disease patient is important as it helps in future arrangements to be made by family members concerning the medication of the patient. Other benefits that come with having an early medication include having a plan of how to care for their finances, as well as taking care of legal issues that may come up in the process (Crystal, 1996). Another benefit and the main one is to ensure that the patient will get the early trials necessary for his medication that allows the doctor to get the best medication that works for him.

As at present, there is no cure of Alzheimer: however, the government has been keen to offer funding to research institution in the bid to determine the cure of this disease. To start with, there has been found a relationship between heart disease and Alzheimer. Due to this knowledge, the scientists have been transpired to develop preventive medicine using the medicine that was previously being used to treat heart ailments. Fish oil is one of the resultant supplements which scientist has reason to believe that reduce contracting of Alzheimer. The fact that at the age of eighty-five most elderly people lack omega 3 acids in their body increases the chance of acquiring the Alzheimer. The same was portrayed to individuals who were suffering from Dementia as they got the benefits of lipids found in the fatty acids of the fish oil (Herman, 2011). Fish oil therefore has been defined as one of the ways that the disease can be prevented among the people. Scientists have also shown much progress when it comes to finding out the likely cure of Alzheimer. According to an article by Christine Kennard, there have been developments of drugs that cure temporally some of the symptoms inhibited by Alzheimer’s. An example of some of these drugs are Donepezil, Rivastiqmine and Memantine, to mention just but a few. There have also been other treatments and therapies that are aimed at ensuring that the behavior problems that comes about due to having Alzheimer’s are also reduced. Enrichment of the lives of the Alzheimer’s patient is also possible through having a scheme of solving the cognitive function of the disease (Kennard, 2006). The mentioned progresses are some of the positive directions that scientists have achieved in there bid to find the cure for the disease. It is also notable that there have been both medical and non-medical therapies that have well been introduced to offer an answer to the curing of the disease

The puzzle about Alzheimer’s as a disease has not had someone to solve it. However, it is notable that the scientific research aimed at finding a solution has made much progress in solving it by devising methods that should be used to prevent it (Blankenhorn, 2010). Fish oil is one of the advancements. A resultant of this knowledge that there exists a relationship between the heart ailments and Alzheimer’s has played a great role in preventing the disease. As scientists continue in their research, we can only hope the cure will be found soon as the recent developments give us the needed hope.

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