America involvement in Iraq

America involvement in Iraq can be a matter of debate and at the end of the day solutions lack, but its involvement can be looked from two points of view. One perspective is why it get involved and secondly why it should not be involved. The following are various elaborations on the two issues.
United States involvement in Iraq can be viewed as a way of trying to stop various inhuman actions that are committed by leaders of these two countries. For example in Iraq during the reign of Saddam Hussein many people were left with permanent scars on their bodies. People from selected tribal group were killed yet were innocent and some were left with no place to call their home, many tortured to death. (Rep. Ron Paul, 2003)
Americans believed that these two countries had dangerous weapons to destroy the western country; hence they had to invade to stop them from attacking them. Also the economy of Iraq went down due to lack of viable economic policies. This affected most countries economy that relies on Iraq for oil. Afghanistan and Iraq were believed to have the highest number of terrorists who threaten country’s security. It could have sound so odd or otherwise for country who is super power to remain and watch such countries get tattered yet it has some power to stop. These are some of the reasons why united state got involved in Iraq and Afghanistan. (Bass, 2002)
There is no enough conviction why America should get involved since they may end up losing more and gaining less. The following are some of reason why it should not get involved. The U.S. military uses weapon which contain heavy metal substances which cause changes in DNA structure. The effect of these is giving birth to deformed babies and many people becoming sterile. Many innocent people were killed in the name of bringing back peace in these countries.
Iraq and Afghanistan are independent countries that are governed by their constitution so there is no need for any country to get involved in its way of ruling the country. It is not clear whether it is one of these countries who attacked it in September 11 therefore it is not in order to get involved. It has a policy that it should not attack any country without clear information it has been attacked by that country. It should not get involved in long distant country that has not attacked it.
Since united nation once in 1990 through its weapon inspectors destroyed most massive weapons of these countries, US should not get involved in the name of preventing leaders of this country to use such weapons. Most countries support UN destruction of dangerous weapons of these countries but they does not support America’s invasion. This means that they may lack connection with other countries which may affect them economically.
During its involvement in Iraq they ended up using more resources that are of great important to the local people who pay the taxes. Social amenities will become scarce to the local people; this will lead to lack of trust by its people. They should use this money in developing their country rather than being involved in unprofitable invasion.
Their involvement continues making them lose a lot of people including their own people. This means they are losing instead of benefiting from it. Bomb attacks by US military forces killed many people and some left injured for life. They used force against human being: children, men and women yet trying to evacuate the reign of tyranny leaders. (Rosen, 2010)
After achieving their goal of removing in power the tyranny leader they may incur a great cost of restoring back these countries’ peace and their economic status since they may lack support of other country which means more use of resources from their own country. Instead of getting involved in term of war they can start negotiating with leaders of these countries.
Opposition of their involvement is growing, most people from their own country are calling for America to withdraw its army from Iraq and Afghanistan and start solving their own country’s problems. This means people are not happy by this since it’s a democratic country. American leaders cannot clearly explain why they got involved in these countries and for this reason they should withdraw.

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