American popular culture

Pick one or two primary sources of American popular culture and analyze them using one the analytical methods we have learned: rhetorical, narrative, dramatist, Marxist, or feminist.
Your goal is to explain what 1) cultural values the text(s) depict(s) from your analytical standpoint, and 2) make connections (semiotics!) as to what those texts say about American society.
Pop culture primary texts can be: movies, TV, comics, books, advertisements, music, theatre, visual art, etc…be sure to use something that is 1) ‘constructed’ and 2) is American made.

2. Develop a thesis statement:
“By comparing ‘x’ and ‘y’ using ‘z’ type of analysis, it is clear that they demonstrate ‘a’, ‘b’ and ‘c’ about American culture.”
3. Revisit your primary resources, making notes and pulling quotes/ examples that will support your argument.
5. Build your paper around your thesis statement.
6. Your supporting paragraphs should be providing evidence that backs up your thesis statement.

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