An Analysis of The Trial of Rosa Lee Ingram

This is a paper on the trial of Rosa Lee Ingram. You will be using one newspaper article as your primary source. I will include other sources as well so you can get a better understanding of the trial but you will only be using and reference one source as your main primary source. In the paper you MUST do and include the following:

1. Write about her whole experience on trial

2. Analyze the document in its historical context, write about and point some things out such as the issues women and black people were facing. Especially black women (who Rosa Lee Ingram was)

3. Write about the primary source author and how/in what ways the author of the article is advocating her cause

4. The paper MUST make an argument about how the primary source shapes popular narratives regarding women and the law

I\’ve attached the documents to this order. I named the Primary Source so you know which one it is. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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