The first task is to design an operational amplifier circuit that is compliant with your specification. Multiple operational amplifiers will be required. Your answer should include a clear schematic diagram of the stage from Multisim or a similar schematic editor and a clear justification of how the component values have been selected to comply with the specification.

Insert the schematic diagram of the operational amplifier circuit here: (7 marks)

Insert the justification for how the component values were derived here: (9 marks)

The next task is to employ the circuit simulation facilities of a design tool such as Multisim to demonstrate that the design performs to specification. You should present simulation results along with a clear explanation of what they show to confirm compliance.

The circuit transfer function is as specified (8 marks)
Insert simulation results here:

The circuit transfer function is as specified (8 marks)
Insert your explanation of why the results demonstrate compliance with specification here:

Finally, you should briefly discuss any practical concerns that would need to be taken into account if the design were to be implemented physically in the laboratory. Include references to sources of information that you used for this section.

Insert discussion on practical implementation here: (15 marks

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