select a focus child, collect and document family information, observe and assess literacy learning and identify literacy learning areas for future planning.

The purpose of this assignment is for you to link theory and practice by assessing the literacy learning of a child and outlining ideas for future planning. This assignment will provide a practical opportunity for you to not only to explore your own knowledge but also to liaise closely with families and other early
childhood professionals working in the field. Through successfully completing this assessment item you will meet outcomes 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

This assignment requires you to write a report which outlines the literacy experiences and learning of a focus child (Noah). You will then identify three areas of literacy that you will focus on in order to extend the focus child’s literacy learning
If you are doing a Professional Experience unit this child should be one of the children you are working with for your EC Professional Experience. It does not matter if the child is under three, three to five or in the early years of school. If you are NOT undertaking ANY Early Childhood Professional Experience or Professional Portfolio unit you are expected to find a child under eight to work with for the purposes of this assignment.
All students must have completed Child Protection training and a Prohibited Employment Declaration or Working with Children Check Form and must obtain informed consent from the child’s family before undertaking this assignment.
The assignment must include the following sections:
1. Family information – a one page summary of literacy experiences and practices within the child’s family and community and the family’s wishes/hopes/expectations for their child in the area of literacy. This should include information such as language/s spoken at home, experiences with books, computers, television and video and with environmental print, and favourite books, television programs and so on.

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