Analysis of a Film

Instruction & Requirements:
You will need to watch two movies from the genre that you are writing about, so they can be incorporated into your paper.

TEEN FILMS: Read David Denby\’s \”High-School Confidential: Notes on Teen Movies, then, write an essay in which you debate the validity of Denby\’s claim that the enemy in teen films is not \”authority,\” but rather \”other teens and the social system that they impose on one another\” (398). Be sure, of course, to provide specific examples (characters, scenes, images, etc.) from at least two films to support your argument.

Sources: You will need to make use of three sources for this essay. One source will be either Postrel OR Denby (depending on which essay topic you choose). The other sources you use must be two films of your choice (either superhero or high school related films). Remember to use correct MLA/APA citations for these sources. (For citation information, for a film, see thread titled MLA and APA Documentation\”)

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