Analysis of Famous Leaders

The purpose of this project is to apply the concepts and theories in the book to the analysis of leadership by a famous or well-known leader. Students can select any type of leader for whom there is sufficient information to provide a good analysis of leadership processes and outcomes. Examples include political leaders, military leaders, business executives, religious leaders, sports coaches, and leaders of social movements.The student should read at least three (3) separate sources (biographies and articles) that provide enough detail to identify specific traits and skills, behaviors, influence processes, and relevant aspects of the situation. The most useful type of source is a biographical account of the leader\’s activities and accomplishments. Other relevant sources may include: an autobiographical account or memoirs written by the leader, a detailed, analytical article written by someone besides the leader, filmed biographies or documentaries about the leader, and dramatized accounts of significant events involving the leader. All sources must be clearly cited in the paper.A minimum requirement of the paper is to identify specific behaviors and refer to relevant theories to explain why the behaviors were appropriate or inappropriate in the situation faced by the leader. Also, identify reasons why the leader was successful enough to become famous. Both strengths and weaknesses of the leader should be identified. Issues of ethical leadership should be considered as well. It is helpful to use quotes and detailed descriptions of selected incidents to support conclusions about the leader\’s behavior and influence on followers. The source for any quotes or factual details should be clearly cited.The paper must be 2 – 3 pages in APA format.The paper should be submitted via Moodle in MS Word. You are expected to cite 3-4 references for this paper utilizing APA format (Refer to APA publication manual and sample paper listed under COURSE RESOURCES on Moodle Course Homepage). No title page, table of contents or abstract is needed for this assignment. Simply put your identifying information in the upper right hand corner of the first page.§ Standard paper size (8 ½ x 11 paper)§ 12-pt. Times New Roman font§ Double spaced§ 1 inch margins on top, bottom, right, and left§ Indent all paragraphs 5-7 spaces or ½ inch§ Page numbers in upper right hand corner of page, use Arabic numerals§ Reference in text using appropriate APA style and include reference page at the end of the paper. When citing internet resources, only web sites that end in \”.edu\”, \”.org\”, or \”.gov\” will be accepted as references. Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable reference!

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