Analysis of the Finances of the City of Redlands, California

From the assignment: The goal of the term paper project is to allow you to build your skills in analyzing financial choices and structures for an actual state or local government. The end product of the project will be an analysis of the revenue structure and major issues facing a state or local government.

You will tell me what data sources you used to analyze the revenue structure of the government and detail any major issues with the government finance system. The primary data sources will be government documents including the budget, annual financial reports, government reports such as evaluations or analysis pieces, and private sources such as newspaper or magazine articles.

In the analysis you must tell me at a minimum:

1. The revenue structure of the jurisdiction;

2. How the revenue structure and total revenue have changed over time;

3. An evaluation of each of the major revenue sources (defined as sources accounting for more than 10% of total revenues) in terms EFFICIENCY, ADEQUACY, EQUITY AND FAIRNESS;

4. Major economic and political issues surrounding the revenue sources; and 5. Other issues surrounding public finances (for example, unfunded pension liabilities or unmet public needs).

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