Analyze the Case

  • General description of the case, key actors, ethics issue involved, and groups of public affected.
  • Consideration of objective responsibilities (e.g., To whom was the public administrator being held accountable? What was the public administrator obligated to do?  Were there any laws, policies, or regulations involved?) or subjective responsibilities, if known.
  • The application of Terry Cooper’s Prescriptive Decision-Making Model to your ethical thinking and decision making process.
  • The application of at least one of the major historical traditions of ethical thinking (teleology, deontology, virtue theory and intuitionism) to evaluating potential courses of action.
  • Your recommended ethical decision/course of actions. Your recommendation should be clear and logical. You should develop a structured argument or several arguments explaining why you made a particular ethical choice. (Remember that this is not a narrative.  Recommendations should be written using a professional tone/voice.)
  • Assessment of the extent to which decisions or actions recommended promise to be effective or were effective

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