1.    What should be the purpose of the curriculum?
2.    What should be the content of the curriculum?
3.    How should the curriculum be organized?
4.    In what format should the curriculum be written?
5.    At what level of curriculum development should teachers be involved?
Write a curriculum analysis paper; include the following seven questions based on the attached curriculum guide:
•    What local, state, and national standards were used as a basis for curriculum development?
•    What examples of 21st Century learning and Common Core standards are reflected in the guide?
•    What format was used to develop the curriculum?
•    Does the guide reflect an imitative-maintenance, meditative, or generative level of curriculum development?
•    What categories from Bloom’s taxonomy are evident in the curriculum objectives?
•    What parental, central office, teacher, and student influences are evident, if any?

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