Analyzing the Financial Information

Costco (Ticker: COST), Target (Ticker: TGT), and Walmart (Ticker: WMT) are competitors in Discount/Variety Stores industry within the Services sector of the economy. Because of their similarities and direct competition with each other, they provide an excellent foundation for a Comprehensive Case to bring together all of the principles we will learn in class this semester.

So far, we have reviewed the 10K statements for Costco, Target, and Walmart on SEC Edgar, using that information to populate the Comprehensive Case Template which has been posted on Blackboard. The template provides an overview of the Balance Sheet and Income Statement from the last two years for each company.
Using the information from the Comprehensive Case Template as well as your understanding of the principles covered in the text and lectures, prepare a 2 page written case addressing the following by comparing Costco (as your primary company) to their competitors Target and Walmart:
Module Assignment
3 Do Profitability analysis for the company. How do they compare to others in their industry?
4 Do Credit Risk Analysis for the company. What rating would you give them?
5 Calculate the EPS and Diluted EPS. How do they compare to others in their industry?
6 Determine how effective the firm is in collecting receivables, turning inventory, & turning PPE.
7 Determine how effectively the organization is utilizing interest free financing like accounts payable.
What are the implications of each? What recommendations would you give to management relating to each?
As the template sets up most of the analysis, the focus of your written case should be the answers to the questions for each. Outlined below is a rubric indicating how the written cases will be graded.

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