Ancient Medieval Texts

Many of the medieval texts weve looked at rely on a combination of poetry and narrative-storytelling. Using two different texts, compare and contrast how the different authors use poetry and narrative. You might consider differences in culture, in genre, in literary techniques, etc. This is not explicitly a research assignment, but if you do use a source beyond the text, be sure to cite it. Length: 4-5 pages. 10 points.

We have used: Cuckoo Song, When the Nightingale Sings, Adam Lay Bound, I Have a Yong Suster, Man in the Moon and Thirteen poems in praise of wine by Lord Otomo Tabito, Dialogue on Poverty (1094-5B, 1096-7B); Fishhawk, Quince, Huge Rat (1323-4, 1326, 1328 A), The Hill Wraith (1358-9 A); The Sun Rises and Sets (1023B)

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