Answer two compartive questions that I picked from the

1) CH 19(reading the American past) – the city and its worker. Document 19-1,19-2,19-3Question 1. To what extent did Tomas O\’Donnell\’s experiences with factory compare with the experiences of women domestic servants, and the parents of abandoned children?2) CH20- Dissent, Depression, and War 1890-1900Document 20-1 ,20-3,20-4,20-5Question 1. to what extent did Mary Lease\’s concepts of justice, freedom, and equality agree with those Samuel Gompers and Emilio Aguinaldo? How did they compare with those of the Pinkertons at Homestead?Direction.This quiz covers chapters 16-23 of the course reader. At the end of each chapter in (Reading the American Past -edition 8) are a set of \”Comparative Questions. Choose one of those questions to answer for two of the chapters from 16 to 23. Answer the questions you choose for the chapters you choose fully in complete sentences. Be sure to support your answer with evidence from the chapter. In addition to the information necessary to answer the question you choose, be sure to identify who is writing the document, when, and why.There are no specific formatting requirements. Simply be sure to answer the question fully and with evidence from the documents. the answer graded on how well they use the evidence from the documents to answer the question.I will award up to10 points of extra credit on this assignment if your answers use documents from chapters you did not choose. If you do this, you must use them to support your answers effectively. You must also clearly identify which documents you are using.This assignment does not require any outside research and can be completed using the course reader with supplemental information from the textbook and lecture notes as necessary. In the case of these sources, only direct quotes need to be cited, requiring the author\’s last name and a page number in pharenteses at the end of the sentence. Ex: (Roark, 42) for the textbook( The American Promise volume2 from 1865) . You may use outside sources as well, but those must be fully cited whether quoted or paraphrased or merely referenced. If you use outside sources, you must provide a bibliography at the end of each essay.All papers must be submitted through the course website by the end of the day on 17 October. Papers must be in one of the following file types: .doc, .docx, .pdf, .rtf, or .txt. The course website will check for plagiarism, so do not copy direct quotes without proper citation. If a paper is found to be plagiarized, it will be given a zero with no chance to make it up.The comparative questions for each chapter can be found on the following pages of the reader:Chapter 16 – Page 21Chapter 17 – Page 39Chapter 18 – Page 59Chapter 19 – Page 78Chapter 20 – Page 100Chapter 21 – Page 120Chapter 22 – Page 142Chapter 23 – Page 163

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