Applied Ethics – Abortion Part 5 (Don Marquis)

For this essay, you are to write a precis of Marquis’ argument. A precis and a precise summary (Think Cliff Notes or something like that).It is important to note for this assignment that in this summary you do not need to include things that Marquis does not believe (he mentions a number of them in his essay). When I ask you to summarize Marquis’ argument, I want you to explain to me what he wants us to believe, and why. But that summary should not include a rundown of all the points that Marquis mentions in his article. Many of the things Marquis mentions are things he does not believe and are not points important to his argument. He mentions them because they are potential objections or thinks like that. But potential objections are not premises or the conclusion of his argument. You will, however, want to include (likely in their own paragraph) the exceptions Marquis makes for when abortion is permissible. Here again, however, be careful. You are not being asked to critically evaluate his argument here. You are merely being asked to summarize it.

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