Aristotle defines the highest human good, happiness, as an activity of the soul in accord with complete virtue. Why, according to Aristotle, are we responsible for our own happiness?

this essay is from an ethic class, and the topic should be only come from the primary text, which is Aristotle: Nicomachean Ethics (Hackett), please cite from this specific edition, it can be found online. This essay should include a clear thesis statement in the introduction paragraph, and in the thesis statement pleas write very clear that which main ideas that this essay are going to in the later paragraph, which is includes each main ideas of why we are responsible for our own happiness according to Aristotle in the thesis statement in the first paragraph. and please do not have grammar mistakes. also make sure it is analyzing why we are responsible for our happiness instead of summarize it. There are a lot of side of why Aristotle think we should be responsible for our own happiness, only focusing on a few is fine. for example, focusing on because we are rational being, or because we have the capacity to deliberation, or we are virtuous and vicious. main ideas like these is fine. however, please analyze each main idea in each paragraph very detailed.

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