Art school entrance portfolio


Art school entrance portfolio

As I think about art school, I must admit that I have a strong passion in art. Before I prove my development in the field of art, I will describe a real imaginary store including the type of merchandise, specialty, department store, and the typical customer who would shop there. In this paper, I will describe a store providing the most beautiful African items. Founded in 1960, the store is located in London and it is one of the famous markets across the globe. The store has grown from one level of growth to the other by converting first-time clients to frequent and potential clients. The store presents various items such paintings, curios, carvings, jewellery, and African garments. The art at this store is truly awesome with a fantastic selection of wood carvings, Beadwork, and arts and craft. Unlike what clients see in other art markets where vendors sell similar art items, this store distinguish itself from other competitors as there are different art items making it a shopper’s destination and definitive tourist’s paradise. With the distinct quality of being made locally, the items are sold and distributed at an affordable price, thus attracting clients with low income.

The potential clients of the items sold in the store are tourists and local people attracted by the art phenomenon. The mentioned clients are most favourable and appealing to the store’s investment since they mostly identify themselves with art thus thrives to purchase the art items. The customers age range between 20 years and 50 years. The age group is appealing since it presents the category of clients earning and in a better position to spend on art items. The store attracts both male and female with the latter being most preferable since she has a strong power of influence to her children and husband.

The items are locally made, which makes the items affordable to both the middle and upper class. The store has various departments with different pricing. With this, customers have a wide collection that they can choose from depending on their financial status. The most important thing with this store is that, it attracts the following lifestyle, job, leisure, and family lives just to name a few. The art store creates a platform for vendors to sell their portfolio while still attracting family lives and those in leisure such as tourists. With this, it is obvious that the store will flourish in sales and revenues as there are many clients attracted to purchase different art items in the store. The store is privileged to have clients who value the concept of art and would do anything to get it and live on it. Most clients are married with families and possess a strong educational background. Most clients are graduates with a strong passion for art phenomenon. The store is vibrant and the best place to get beautiful and appealing art items. For the past years, the store has preserved a rich culture in the way it appreciates and values every culture across the globe. The store has a wide range of art items that symbolizes and defines its value for culture.

Thus far, I have been pleased to understand how various stores sell and distribute their art items both locally and internationally. Now, my interest in art has grown tremendously formulating a clear transition to accomplish my goals in the field of art. I strongly believe this paper has enhanced my skills and abilities in the field of art. I have been in a better position to value art and culture as discussed in this paper.


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