Art school's Digital Media entrance portfolio essay.

Write a brief paragraph that describes who you are, your interests,
and why you make a great candidate for the Digital Media Program.
Your paragraph should be 500 words or less and include the following information about you:
• Background ( I was born in California, my father is a business man, and my mom is a housewife, one brother, )
• Hobbies ( Programming, Close to nature, Basketball, Designing, Video Editing, Social with others.)
• Talents ( Play Piano, Singing, Acting.)
• Interests ( Video Editing, Psychology,  Social with others.)
• Goals ( To become an Artist, Actor, or a Designer. I wish to success in my future, and I hope I can do something to improve and help this world.)
• Any prior Digital Media experience –
1. Edit commercial for school.
2. Edit plenty of video for classes and teachers.
3. Edit video for boarding students.
4. Familiar with almost every kind of video elements.

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