Asia in Age of Decolonization & Globalization: Globalization/Women of Asia in a Globalized World

Asia in Age of Decolonization & Globalization: Globalization/Women of Asia in a Globalized World

Asia in the Age of Decolonization and Globalization


Course Discription:  Covering major developments in Asia since the early twentieth century, this course focuses on China, Japan, and the Indian subcontinent.  The course traces the rise of Asian nationalism, the decline of western imperialism, and the region’s rise to economic prominence.


Question 1: Globalization 


The global economy is always tethered to the economies of its various countries. How did imperialism, disease, and technology of Asia affect the economies of Western countries? How did imperialism affect China, India, and Japan? How did decolonization shape global politics? What are the political legacies of decolonization?



Question 2: Women of Asia in a Globalized World


In what ways has globalization affected Asian women? What are some of the benefits and the hardships that this demographic face? What do you think can be done to aleviate some of the problems that this group faces and who do you think should be responsible for that change? Consider the effects of cultural revolutions, modernization, and/or Western influence.



The following text must be site or it will be rejected:


Globalization and Women’s Labour Activism in Japan


Strang, David. (1991, December). Global patterns of decolonization, 1500-1987. International Studies Quarterly, 35(4), 429-454.


Ching, L.T. S. (2000). Globalizing the regional, regionalizing the global: Mass culture and Asianism in the age of late capital. Public Culture, 12(1), 223-257.



  • Questions are to be answered INDIVIDUALLY
  • 250 words per individual question(1 page per question)
  • At least three SCHOLARLY source(including the text provided), the following are not scholary: Wikipedia, Wiki Answers,,, Associated Content, Children’s websites, Encyclopedias,, People Magazine or other entertainment newspapers, Personal or non-academic or non-industry websites, SparkNotes, Cliffs Notes, Blogs
  • References must be cite in text and on reference page.
  • APA Format
  • Separate the answers with a heading, i.e.:




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Women of Asia in a Globalized World

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