Assignment 3: Organizational Level of Analysis

Purpose:• To explore and better understand organizational performance and effectiveness through an organizational level perspective.Related to the following course objectives:• Based on an understanding of human behavior, create and sustain an organizational environment that leads to high performance• Analyze and respond to leadership challenges such as decision making, change, conflict resolution, and organizational commitment in an organization at every levelFor this assignment, you will research and analyze the organizational performance and effectiveness of one of the organizations listed below. You will also propose OB-relevant recommendations for change and improvement.IKEAGoogleCostcoAppleAmazonAmerican AirlinesUS Department of Homeland SecurityYou do not need to confirm which company you are analyzing. It will be assumed you will choose one of these companies. Alternative organizations with unique challenges may be selected for analysis but will require instructor approval. Examples would be the privatization of Dell, or an organization for which you have a career-oriented reason. To discuss alternative Final Project topics, post a message under the Ask the Professor discussion board.Your analysis should include:• an interview, if available, of organizational members, stakeholders, or qualified relevantly-experienced OB experts familiar with your topic• research findings of the organization\’s web sites• data, information and ideas, particularly from Weeks 6 and 7 readings/resources, and at least four outside academic or credible, respected business publications• a SWOT analysis on the organization.• documented and evaluated OB strategies or interventions that the organization could use to enhance its overall performance and effectiveness.• proposed and evaluated OB-related recommendations for improvements in the organization.Read and follow all the Instructions carefully. Your analysis should evidence critical thinking skills (review Bloom’s Taxonomy) in identifying and explaining organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Emphasize course materials and resources assigned for Weeks 6 and 7; namely, but not limited to, managing groups and teams, group behavior, work and self-managed teams, communication, conflict and negotiation, and decision-making, along with outside research material. Strive for originality and depth. Use examples and research information to support claims. Use American Psychological Association (APA) format for in-text citations and the reference list. Use the comprehensive outline format described in Instruction 9 to present your research, findings, analysis, and recommendations.

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