Assignment, Logic and programming

1- I have the following question: Are \”print\” and \”echo\” functions or simply language constructs?
Furthermore, there is also \”print\”! What is the difference with print? Can you give an example in order to show the functionality of print?

2- Which would be the alternative approach when trying to run Apache server and discovering that another application (i.e. Microsoft IIS) is using the port?
To give you a hind, you don\’t need to stop the service of the other application! There is a way to run both (or many) services! please give an example?

3- You are utilizing $_SERVER(PHP_SELF) as the pre-defined global variable to retrieve information about the webpage? Although mentioned, what is a global variable? Are there more then one? Are they important? When do we use them?

4-In the example, the script shows only the file and not it\’s path meaning you should produce \”Script=/MyFirstPHPWebPage.php\” and not \”Script=/NetBeansProject/PhpProject1/MyFirstPHPWebPage.php\”
Could the explode function with the DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR could be utilized to this purpose? If yes, could you give us an example of how you would approach the use of this function?

5-You are mentioning:\”The php code is within the body of the document enclosed by

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