Assignment, Logistics

SGA is a small manufacturer of ball bearing that is used by mechanical service contractors who provide maintenance services for their industrial clients. SGA tax ID number is be 12341 7766 GS. You produce steel bearings for use in construction backhoe equipment. The part number of these bearings is 7553669, the harmonized code for these bearings is 7502.00.1245, and Preference Criterion will be B. One skid will hold 1,000 bearings. Each bearing weights 1 lb. Each bearing sells for $2.00 Cdn. Each empty wooden skid weighs 30 lbs. The bearings are packaged in cardboard cartons with 50 per carton. The Harmonized Code of the empty carton is 4819.10. You have purchased these cartons from a local supplier for $1.00 each.
This morning George Smith from Construction World Inc, 3524 Lexington Avenue, Detroit, Michigan 34536, Tax ID 77344 9432 2 called to order 20,000 bearings, part number 7553669 on P.O. 73922. George requested the shipment be sent collect, Kingsway Cabano and he also requested that the shipment be cleared by his customs broker FedEx Trade Networks.
Complete and sign the following:
1.Kingsway Bill of Lading No 37774
2.Complete Invoice (FedEx Trade Networks)
3.Complete Certificate or Origin

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