Assignment, Sociology

1. Some facilities use robotic animals in order to provide pet companionship. Other facilities use live animals to provide that companionship. Do you agree or disagree with the textbook\’s statement that pets should not replace human relationships? Why or why not?

2. Discuss three challenges that LGBT partners had prior to the legalization of same sex marriage.

3. If you have a sibling, how do you foresee your relationship when you reach your 80s? If you are an only child, what type of famial support do you foresee utilizing when you are in your 80s?

4. What are some of the benefits regarding grandparent rights after a divorce? What are some of the controversies that could arise? Do you think grandparents should still continue to see a grandchild or grandchildren if the custodial parent re-marries?

For the sources one of them must be this book
Hooyman, N., & Kiyak, H. A. (2011). Social gerontology, a multidisciplinary perspective. (ninth ed.). Boston: Pearson College Div.

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