Attacking the Dynastic Rich

Drawing on the assigned readings and lectures, write an essay of up to 900 words about how Theodore Roosevelt and Easy Living attacked the dynastic rich. Did the politician and the film portray the families of the rich the same way? Were Roosevelt and Easy Living fundamentally hostile to the rich?You should choose an interesting title that indicates the particular emphasis of your essay. You don\’t need a works cited page, but you should use footnotes. Refer to particular lectures and assigned readings by listing the author, if any, the title, and the slide or page number: McGerr, “Founding a Family,” slide 23; and Roosevelt, “Fifth Message to Congress,” p. 2. To refer to the film, you can either give the timing of a scene (Easy Living, 2:50 to 5:23) or page numbers from the script (Easy Living, pp. 27-35). Your paper is due in the form of a double-spaced Microsoft Word document uploaded to Canvas.Here is the video: Easy Living(1937): is no limit for the resources but i need the foot note when if use the resource. The essay should also relate the lecture slide i attached as the file.

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