B737-800 Performance & Planning

1. You are a line pilot with Air Can-Do, a charter company
which is planning to upgrade to B737-800 aircraft. The
Company is based in Townsville.
2. The Chief Pilot has asked you as the Company
Navigation Specialist to provide him with some
performance and planning data for the B737-800. He is
aware that you passed the 3510 BPS course at GU and is
confident you know all about the performance and planning
requirements for the B737-800.
3. The CP briefs you that he wants:
A set of performance and planning data that will enable
him to do some initial route panning and fuel planning for
evaluation of the B737-800.
Specifically he wants to know:
a. The maximum cruise altitude based on 1.3g buffet
margin for the top of climb weight
b. The optimum cruise altitude for LRC for the top of
climb weight
c. Climb flight fuel based on the brakes release weight
d. Minimum LRC flight fuel based on 4 hours in cruise
based on top of climb weight
e. Descent flight fuel based on estimated top of
descent weight
f. Alternate flight fuel based on 400nm alternate
4. The assumptions he wants you to base your figures on
are at Annex A.
5. You need to focus purely on the B737-800 data
available in the B737-800 Performance & Operating

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