Bank of America


Generate (or find) the following (find the most up-to-date year-end financials for 3 years for Bank of America):

1. Income Statement (also include their most recent quarterly report)

2. Balance sheet

3. Cash flow statement

4. A pie chart describing the sources and usages of funds.

 Identify all of the following for Bank of America:

1. Loan loss reserve

2. Noninterest Income

3. Noninterest expenses

4. ROA

5. ROE

6. Net interest margin

 Answer the following:

1. Discuss the information you found from above.

2. What do you think the Bank of America’s biggest strengths and weaknesses are?

3. Does Bank of America use any derivatives that are discussed in chapters 13-14? How do they use them? A lot has been said about derivatives hurting bank value, has this been the case for Bank of America?

4. Compare Bank of America to some of its competitors and discuss how you feel the bank is doing in terms of its closest competition. Make sure to measure this in financial and numerical terms as well.

5. What ethical issues do you think Bank of America might have to deal with?

6. Discuss any other aspects of Bank of America you feel are interesting.

7. If you were a financial analyst for an investment bank what would you recommendation be on the stock of Bank of America, buy, sell, or hold?

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