Believing and Hearing Verse Seeing as an Obstacle in Life

Believing and Hearing Verse Seeing as an Obstacle in Life

The mystery of believing without seeing is quite fascinating. As I was growing up, I was struck by how people would literary believe in any information passed through either face to face communication or through media. In fact, I was judgmental especially towards my mother who would try to impose her belief system to me. I was doubtful to the structure of the belief system I had acquired through the socialization process. Through this time, I was in constant conflict with my friends and family as I would violate most of the rules based on information from a third party.

For instance, one day, my mother warned me against going out with my neighbor whose morality was questionable. Though my mother had hardly interacted with him, through observation, she made conclusions that my friend’s lifestyle was characterized by anti-social behavior. However, I objected my mother’s opinion and concluded that she was too old to differentiate between fashion and anti-social behavior. Therefore, despite my mother’s plea to terminate my friendship with my neighbor, I would sneak from the house and hang out with him.

I continued socializing with my friend, maybe to prove my mother that she was wrong. The obstacle of not believing anything that I heard without seeing or witnessing blinded folded me as I could not effectively analyze my friend’s behavior or see the “red flags.” Little did I know that my friend was addicted to drugs and alcohol until I saw him being attacked by a gang member on the ground of unpaid services or drugs! I was astonished and embarrassed at the same time! I was also attacked and hurt in the process of trying to rescue my friend.

This experience made me realize that not believing what I heard except seeing or witnessing it was an obstacle in my life. Therefore I took the enormous task of dealing with it. I decided that enough was enough and had to deal with my ego and devoted myself in addressing my belief system. I realized that I needed to demolish my hold school of thought and start afresh. I began by understanding about myself thus trust and reasoning skills were important. For instance, I would simply “argue for the sake of arguing” with people even without any logical evidence on the topic under discussion. I was simply egocentric and always wanted to win in any debate. Therefore, I decided to learn to trust and listen to others and even reflect on their contribution during free time. This is because if I had listened to my mother, I would not have been hurt in the process of trying to protect my friend.

Reasoning and reflecting were brilliant ideas! The reflecting skills influenced my perception regarding the truth.  For example, I realized that I was not supernatural as I could not be all over witnessing everything that happened in the environment or neighborhood. Therefore, I created space in my mind for receiving information from others. This means that I decided to learn from others through creative learning and interactive skills. Hitherto, my mind was not set to learn thus prevented me from receiving new information. Also, the encounter made me realize that man is a social being and growth in all aspects of life requires the involvement of others.

In conclusion, in dealing with the obstacle of not believing without seeing it happen with my own eyes, understanding who I am and the limitations in my life impacted my thinking. Therefore, learning listening, reasoning, reflective, and interactive skills helped me in dealing with the ego hence I believe in others!


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