1. Introduction (introduce the materials used in the practice and explain the significance or importance of this lab practice) (20 marks)

2. Experimental procedures (Exposure and Electrochemical test procedures) (20 marks)
You are required to pay attention to the experimental procedures during the practice, and record as much as possible. If unclear, feel free to ask the demonstrator.

3. Results
(1) Descriptions to the exposure tests.
(2) Polarisation curves of the 3 materials in MEM solution.
(3) Estimate the corrosion potential and corrosion current density for all materials from polarisation curves. Ensure they are presented in appropriate units.

4. Discussion
(1) Describe the anodic branch of the polarisation curves of the three materials.
(2) Describe the differences in polarisation curves of the three materials.
(3) Of the materials tested electrochemically, which displays the most rapid anodic reaction kinetics?
(4) How you envisage the controllable corrosion rate can be achieved for biodegradable Mg-based biomaterials

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