Option 2: Biography
Every country has its famous people. In this research project you will select one individual who has made his/her mark in a Spanish-speaking country. This individual may be from any fields: dramatic arts, visual arts, music, literature, sports, politics, history, or science.

Some possibilities are: Picasso, Salvador Dali y Joan Miró (Spain), Neruda (Chile), Borges (Argentina), Gabriel Garcia Márquez (Colombia), Juana de Ibarbourou (Uruguay), Juan Luis Guerra (Dominican Republic), Nicolás Guillen (Cuba), Ruben Blades (Panamá), Antonio Machado (Spain), Mario Vargas Llosa (Perú), Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera (Mexico), Miguel Angel Asturias (Guatemala), Astor Piazzola (Argentina), Celia Cruz (Cuba), Mercedes Sosa (Argentina), Juan Parra del Riego (Perú), Vicente Blasco Ibañez (Spain).

Select one individual to research. In your essay you should provide:

•some background information on this individual (birthplace, date, age, etc.)
•describe their contribution to the field in which they have become famous – why is s/he famous?
•list any museums/sites/events in their country of origin which commemorate his/her contribution

You need to have consulted a minimum of 3 sources for this project. Remember, whenever you use resources (including books, journal articles, newspaper or magazine articles, websites, class discussion websites, and more), you must document them in accordance with the MLA style and policies on academic integrity and plagiarism. Click to view information on Proper Documentation.

Length of Assignment: Your completed assignment should be approximately 4-5 pages (not counting title page, double spaced, font size 12) or 1300-1700 words.

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