Book Report

The Book Report is due in Module/Week 5. You are encouraged to select a book and begin reading it early in the course. The book you choose must be written about children by a professional in the field of child development (examples of professionals are doctors, educators, pediatric nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers) and must be between 250–300 pages. Write a well-focused Book Report discussing the child development issues/ideas addressed in your chosen book. Your report must include 4–5 pages of content in addition to a title page and a reference page. The title page, the body of the report, and the reference page must all be formatted according to current APA style as outlined in the APA Manual. In your report, include the number of pages in your chosen book. The Grading Rubric for this assignment provides the specific requirements and expectations for the assignment. Review it before submitting your report. Please take a look at the book report protocol and grading rubric listed in the course content as well. I especially recommend that you look at the grading rubric. One of the grading items listed in the grading rubric, is that you are asked to include the number of pages that are in your book within the book report!Book: Nature and Nurture in Early Child Developmentby Keating, Daniel P.PRINT ISBN 9780521840408EBOOK ISBN 9781139007962

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