Book Report/Review, History

Essay Topic: Analyze one of the causes of the 1929 crash and Great Depression mentioned by Payne in Crash! (Hint: Think of the big picture. One could discuss Ponzi and ponzi like schemes or changing values or advertising or buying on credit (including buying on margin) or entertainment and so on.) Keep the following information in mind when writing your essay:

Review the \”Instructions – Essay Assignments\” document in the ICI module. This document includes important information like the word length requirement, formatting instructions, citation instructions and so much more that no one will be able to stop reading this fun web page.
Include specific cited information from at least three chapters (this includes the Prologue and Epilogue) of Crash! in your essay.
Include specific cited information from Out of Many Chapter 23 in your essay.
Because images can be used to shape public opinion, one paragraph in your essay should analyze a primary source photograph or print advertisement related to the focus of your essay. For example, on page nineteen in Crash! there is a picture of a World War I buy bonds ad, on page forty-one there is an automobile ad, and on page 110 there is a photograph of National Recovery Administration (NRA) supporters. One of the essay paragraphs should be devoted to analyzing one image. Using images found in Out of Many or Crash! will cost you some points on the essay; find your own image to analyze.
To find an image, use your favorite web browser to search for \”images of 1920s advertisement\” or \”World War I war bond images\” or \”images of the 1929 crash\” or \”image of 1930s bank run\” or \”photo FDR and Hoover.\” I will stop with the examples and go out on a limb and think that you know how to use a web search engine. Also, make sure these are primary source images.
Do not include the image in your essay, but only describe it in your own words.
When citing the image source, make sure to include a link to the image, so I can view it.

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