Business plan Topic: EC STORE PROJECT

Even though the document attached has 28 pages, the assignment should be done with only 10. There is no need to cover all details as the document shows.


You will be developing create a B2C store for a retail product of your choice; and offer either physical or virtual products. A virtual store can be created using Google Sites (, Weebly (, or other online web-based CMS. Essentially this virtual store will be a client side prototype.  The objective of this project is to develop (in a limited way) an E-Commerce business using what you’ve learned and applying it through the decision-making processes necessary.  You will also need written documentation to support your online store (see outline below). There are two parts to this assignment: Product Concept and Business Plan outline.

So there is need to work on the documentation only, the store will be developed by the student prior to the start of writing.

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