Business plan Topic: strategic management

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1-Using any industry with which you are familiar, please analyze the industry using (Except PCs industry) Porter’s Five Forces Model please explain your rationale.

2-From a strategic management perspective, examine the U s domestic automobile industry. Which of the influences in the broad (remote) environment do you see as having the greatest impact in the next 18 months? Why? Please explain rationale.

3-Explain the relationship between a firm and the various levels of external environment. Which stakeholder in the operating environment do you believe to be most important? Why? Please explain your rational.

4-How do we identify competitors and what are some of the common mistakes in identifying them? What tools are use to assist executives in examining direct competitors?

5-In porter’s model we are asked consider potential entrants and substitute products as additional competitors.  On what basis do we judge whether a firm is a potential entrant? On what basis do we determine if a competing product is a substitute? Product is a substitute?

6-Please compare and contrast the terms environmental determinism, strategic choice, stakeholder approach, enactment, and adaptation.

7-What do we mean by saying a resource-based view of the firm? What are these resources and what makes them valuable?

8-Please compare and contrast porter’s five forces model with the blue ocean( it’s attached perspective. Are these competing approaches? Pleas explain your rationale

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