Business Research – Essay critique

There are two components to the assessment for the module: a Learning Log and an assignment essay. The overall mark for the module will comprise 50% from each of these components.

The Learning Log is an individual contribution and is a write-up of directed activities and tasks that you will be set in units 3 and 8.

Marks will be awarded for correctness and completeness. It is particularly important that you provide, where appropriate, references and citations to sources that may have been used to inform you or to reinforce your arguments. All direct quotes
or materials imported from elsewhere are required to be suitably acknowledged. The written document should NOT exceed 1000 words in length.

The assignment essay will be a critique of a paper published in a quality journal that reports research that has been undertaken. You are given a choice of the paper to critique from a list of five, taken from the main subject areas in management that you will be studying on the MBA programme. In this, you will be required to describe the approach and rationale in general, and to explain why this is appropriate. You will further need to describe the background and context of the identified study and, where appropriate, comment on the data collection method or methods used and provide a justification of the findings.

The critique should be no longer than 1000 words in length, excluding any Reference section you may wish to include for cited articles used to justify your comments and conclusions, or any Appendices present, should these prove necessary.

You should select a paper to critique from the following list:

1. Dai, O. and Liu, X. (2009) Returnee entrepreneurs and firm performance in Chinese high-technology industries, International Business Review 18, pp. 373386 [International Business]
2. Harris, J. and Bromiley, P. (2007) Incentives to cheat: the influence of executive compensation and firm performance on financial misrepresentation, Organization Science, 18, pp. 350 – 367 [Finance and Accounting]
3. Billing, Y.D. (2011) Are women in management victims of the phantom of the male norm? Gender, Work and Organization, 18, pp. 298-317 [Human Resource Management]
4.Elango, B., Paul, K., Kundu, S.K. and Paudel, S.K. (2010) Organizational ethics, individual ethics, and ethical intentions in international decision-making , Journal of Business Ethics, 94, pp. 543-561 [Business Ethics/General Management]
5.Wu, Z. and Pagell, M. (2011) Balancing priorities: Decision-making in sustainable supply chain management, Journal of Operations Management, 29, pp. 577-590 [Operations Management]


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