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Business Research Report (1000 words or five pages plus a bibliography)
Choose an industry or trade area that interests you. Focus on a single aspect of that industry. For example, you might be interested in the retail industry. In the last 5 years foreign companies have entered the Australian clothing market. Stores such as Zara and TopShop have sprung up around major cities to challenge local companies.
You should choose two local (Australian) or one local and one foreign company and show how they respond to industry challenges. Since this is an investor report, you should concentrate on the local company. You may use a foreign company for comparison only. You will need to evaluate which local company has a successful plan and is meeting the challenges. Your job is to decide for your investment reader what are the positive aspects and how to assess the negatives. You need to take a decision of what companies are overcoming problems and capitalizing on opportunities.
Once you have focused your point of view, do some research. Do not rely only on the Internet. You may only use five Internet sources no more than six months old. Other research tools are newspapers, magazines, books, and personal interviews.
Your report should use the in-class system for business writing. It should focus on the people and problems involved in the companies. Use statistics and illustrations to support your position. Remember the business structure is: ConclusionBodyConclusion. You will need to include your free-write and tracking versions of this report.
Remember to adhere to the ten rules and follow the style sheet.
The final report is due in class week 11.
*No banks, food packaging or mining companies. If uncertain, check with the Lecturer.

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