Capstone project

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Required Textbooks:
American Nurses Association. (2009). Scope and standards for nurse administrators.
Washington, DC: American Nurses Publishing.

Harris, J.L., Roussel, L., Walters, S.E., Dearman, C. (2011). Project planning and management:
A guide for CNLs, DNPs, and nurse executives. Subury, MA: Jones and Bartlett.
Refer to all texts and resources used in the graduate nursing program to include core and specialty courses.

Upon completion of this course, the student should be able to:
1. Demonstrate concepts and skills related to the practice of nursing and the management of health care system, fiscal, and information resources.
2. Negotiate for resources necessary to accomplish individual learning objectives related to the management/administration of nursing services.
3. Collaborate with members of the health care agency\’s administrative team to plan, develop, and complete an administrative project.
4. Analyze the influence of current health care trends and issues on the management/administration of nursing services in a specific health care system.
5. Implement appropriate change based on the synthesis of a comprehensive organizational analysis of a selected health care system/department/division/ unit and valid research findings.
6. Assess ability to function in the role of a beginning nurse manager/executive.
7. Advance the practice of nursing administration with professional behaviors reflective of autonomy, intellectual independence and curiosity, and accountability.

Upon completion of the week, the student will have initiated the residency project.

Meets course objectives 1-6
You should be expanding your literature review with readings specific to your residency project Residency Project Commences. Begin weekly postings in weekly updates discussion boards. A weekly update on your residency project activities and/or progress IS REQUIRED.

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