Carbon fibre composites compared with traditional metallic materials.


Discuss the advantages of carbon fibre reinforced polymers with respect to their mechanical & mass-specific properties in replacing traditional metallics in vehicle body structural applications. Include in your discussion issues associated with anisotropy, how such issues can be addressed and the consequential effect on mechanical properties

Discuss the effect of the high production rates required for many standard classes of vehicles on the use of the such composite materials with respect to their processing characteristics when such materials are supplied in the form of pre-preg that must be vacuum bagged and autoclave moulded

The Competitive Nature of Composites in the Automotive Industry                                                                                                                                                        2a
�Some niche vehicle manufacturers are currently moving away from carbon fibre components for their medium production volume vehicle structures because of long processing times needed for high integrity carbon fibre composite components� Discuss this in relation to this Society of Automotive Engineers article

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