Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Select a voluntary subject either: a) any age with a known but well-managed cardiovascular or pulmonary condition, or b) 60 years of age or older with or without a known but well-managed cardiovascular or pulmonary condition.*
Gather the information below from the subject:
Medical history
Current health status
Current medications
Recreational activities/hobbies
Any other pertinent information
Resting vital signs
Based on the subjects resting heart rate, calculate his/her Threshold Zone and Target Zone using both the Karvonen and % Heart Rate Max methods.
Perform the Six Minute Walk Test (see for instructions and references) on your subject. Perform and record immediate and 5 minutes post-exercise vital signs and Borg RPE ratings.

Calculate speed in miles per hour (mph)
Miles per hour (mph) = (# feet walked in 6 minutes)(10) = ________ mph
5280 feet in one mile
Calculate metabolic equivalents (METs)
METs = (___ mph) (26.83 meters/min) (0.1 mL*kg-1*min-1) + (3.5 mL*kg-1*min-1)
(3.5 mL*kg-1*min-1)
METs = ________
Write a paper analyzing the subjects information and results from above. Develop an exercise prescription for the subject following the FITT format. Provide references to support the analysis and exercise prescription, including at least 2 recent scholarly primary references.

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