Care Ethics in the Nursing Profession

Your final paper will be a 5-6 page double-spaced research paper written in response to care ethics in the nursing profession. This paper will be an argument. This means it will make an arguable claim on a debatable subject. After you read all the articles in that subject area, you will choose one primary article that you will respond to. If you have good reason, you may have more than one primary article that you respond to. Other articles in the book can be used as secondary sources, but they don\’t count as outside research sources.Citation StyleYou will cite your paper in the citation style APA. Include a works cited page in the same citation style.Sources:You final paper must use five credible sources that support your argument or add to the conversation around your main point. Two of your sources must be peer reviewed journals.Acceptable credible sources include:Books/ebooksScholarly or Professional JournalsMagazinesNewspapersThe paper should keep in mind all of the basic conventions of academic writing learned in ENG 100 and 101. The paper should be thoroughly edited and proofread.I have attached my annotated bibliography to get an idea on what I am writing about. I\’m basically researching how nurses apply the ethics of care to their practices.

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