Career goals and why and MBA and how it will help me reach my goals

I am having the hardest time writing this essay ..Please tell us about your career goals and why you want an MBA. Please share what MBA programs you are considering.I need the essay to be some what personal. express how I am and driven and focusedpost undergrad at University of Maryland Government and politics major.. I have been working in supportive roles admin asst, customer service, client relations etc.I have transferable skills communication, bottom line driven, analytical skills, problem solving, customer service, critical thinking, creativity etc.I want the essay also to convey my goals of having a career in global development, finance, real estate investment. I want to be a major player in this field , fore runner, top level executive in the end. MBA will send my career on the trajectory i need. First steps in my career objectives… etcearning an MBA will help me to gain the skills i need to succeed in this field as well as cultivate the ones i already have etc…I am a women, African american and a mother. If that can be tied in a well. There aren\’t many women working and thriving in these fields etc.I need this essay to be well written, express I may not be the traditional candidate for this program but I am what the program needs and I will thrive etc.The MBA programs I am looking to apply to are NYU Stern and Columbia school of business.All questions need to be answered in this essay

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