Case: Innocent

On the basis of the case study provided to you and your own detail research and the relevant theories and models, you are required to discuss the following:
a) Critically analyse the key practices that have been adopted in Innocent to manage people.
b) Explain the role of Karen, people director of Innocent in managing people. And also analyse the key challenges to her.
c) On the basis of scenario and your own observation, provide the recommendation to Karen explaining what could be done to improve the people management practices in Innocent.

Assessment criteria:
Firstly, on the basis of scenario, students are required ti outline the key people management practices adopted in Innocent. And then these need to be analysed in relation to the relevant theories and models.
Secondly, students are expected to outline and explain the key roles of People director in Innocent. For example, people strategy, recruitment and selection, talent management, learning and development and so on, Furthermore, students are required to analyse the key challenges that are associated with her role. Challenges could be current or might be in future.
Thirdly, on the basis of the case and the discussion made before, students are required to provided specific recommendations to the people director for the further improvement of people management practices in innocent. Or what could have been done differently.

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